Your efforts to declutter and organize your home will be greatly enhanced by choosing the right storage solutions to keep your possessions well organized and easy to find.

Before you run out and buy a bunch of storage containers

We find that it’s best not to introduce storage containers too early in the decluttering process because people often to try to determine how much stuff they can keep based on the size of their containers. It’s better to do the hard work of decluttering, then choosing storage solutions based on what remains. Also, simply hiding the clutter in storage containers and packing it away somewhere instead sorting through things and letting go of excess possessions doesn’t bring the peace of mind that results from thorough decluttering.

Storing items to be accessed seasonally

Organize your items to be stored according to their seasonal use. For example, all of your Christmas decorations can go together into a large plastic box or boxes. Using clear plastic boxes will make it easy to see what’s stored in them without having to open them and search through. These can be stored in a garage or basement. Other categories might be items for camping, outdoor decor, costumes, travel items, and seasonal clothing.

Storing frequently used items

Frequently used items should be placed in areas that provide quick and easy access – such as the front of a drawer, cupboard, or pantry. Grouping and storing these items into containers brings an added level of organization.

Storing memorabilia safely

Sentimental items such as old photos and memorabilia from childhood can be safely stored in large plastic containers that will keep them safe and dry. An acid free box can help maintain the longevity of your photos and other printed materials. Acidic materials can damage photos, paper, and textiles and lead to permanent damage and decay, so archive your precious items in an acid free box. The term “archival quality” refers to materials have undergone laboratory analysis to determine and confirm that their acidic and conservation properties are within safe levels.

Types of containers to help you stay organized

  • open baskets – for items like laundry, blankets, pillows, snacks, pet supplies and mail. Baskets without lids sometimes make it more likely for people to actually use them
  • filing cabinets
  • stacking shelves for cupboards
  • small, open, stackable bins are great for storing small items like nails, screws, nuts and bolts, pens, crayons, erasers, hair ties, paper clips, etc
  • Organizers for Inside Drawers and Cabinets – available in many sizes so that you can create combinations to fit a drawer, cabinet or refrigerator.
  • Clothing Storage Bags for Seasonal Clothes – Fabric clothing bags are for seasonal clothing or children’s clothing that needs to be saved for another child. Organize and label the bags in categories so you can easily access clothes as you need them.
  • Plastic Containers – They are stackable, durable and lightweight and can keep your items dry and free from pests. They are transparent, so you can easily see their contents.
  • square containers are more efficient than round ones as the utilize more space
  • cabinets

Get help from a professional organizer

Renaissance Lifestyles is a professional organizer that is fully equipped with the storage solutions and decluttering techniques to devise a decluttering and organizing plan that works for you. We treat you as an individual and take a customized approach that best matches your personality, lifestyle, timeline and goals. We are also committed to ensuring a stress-free experience for you. Let us help you make your life easier so that going forward you spend less time managing your possessions and more time enjoying your life. We serve the greater Calgary community.

Storage containers to help you get and stay organized