Bailey Shukys – Calgary Senior Companion Dog

Bailey has been a senior companion dog in Calgary for close to five years and has provided love, comfort and support to consumers; namely seniors, who are experiencing anxiety, depression, loneliness and isolation in both senior residences and care facilities and anywhere she can make a difference. 

Bailey’s presence has calmed stress in patients, distracted persons from their pain and helped calm Dementia and/or Alzheimer patients.  She has improved self-confidence and esteem and is a natural at it.  This is where she feels most comfortable serving.

Bailey’s “claim to fame” was in 2015, when she was invited to be a part of Renaissance Lifestyles owner’s day while she provided front-line peer support to mental health consumers.  Mental health consumers soon warmed up to Bailey and felt safe and comforted to share their journey when Bailey was close to them.  She was there to feel, touch, pet and cuddle when they needed it.

Bailey can often be seen on-site with our Project Manager managing small reno projects, running errands, visiting seniors and families – just about anywhere that she can give – and get lots of pets and cookies in return. 

Renaissance Lifestyles shares Bailey’s philosophy of service.  Because after-all, “It isn’t what you take from life, but what you give”.  

Contact us in Calgary today for more information on how Bailey can be a part of your day or the day of a lonely or isolated loved one. 



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