Renaissance provides support to seniors and their children in Calgary in making the transition to a new home – whether this be from a larger home to a smaller one, such as going from a house to a condo or apartment, or moving into a nursing home, senior care home or assisted care residence. The need to move can become more urgent when a person is suddenly confronted with a serious health challenge and during this time you and your family can rely on us.

Whether you live within or outside of Calgary and require extra support for your loved one, we are here to help.

How seniors can prepare their home before the transition

For seniors who have time to plan and anticipate an upcoming move or transition to a smaller home, here are a few ideas to help you declutter:

Ask your adult children to remove any items they have stored in your home: sports equipment, old school books, trophies, posters, and other keepsakes.

If you or your children are having trouble letting go of certain items, consider the advice from organizing expert, Marie Kondo, who says to take photos of those items and keep the photos as your new permanent memory while you let the physical objects go.

For seniors who are having trouble decluttering and letting go even of objects that don’t have sentimental value, we can help navigate this process. We are professional organizers and have even worked with hoarders and/or clients with mental health concerns. We are a Certified Peer Specialist in mental health and addictions.

If a senior is doing the decluttering, it may be a good idea to limit their daily work to no more than two hours per day. The work is physical and emotional and can take a toll.

Getting help with the move

Hiring a hiring a professional organizer and senior relocation specialist such as Renaissance will take care of a long list of important tasks, such as:

  • sorting and decision-making
  • packing
  • arranging the move
  • arranging for getting rid or unwanted items: charity pick up, garage sale, estate sale or consignment
  • unpacking boxes and arranging the new home
  • taking care of details to manage the move for any pets
  • if needed, changing providers for utilities such as gas and electricity
  • refilling prescriptions in advance
  • helping with paperwork

After the move – senior concierge services

We work with families and care facilities to make sure we meet our clients’ non-medical needs.  We provide your loved one with everything they need to continue to live an independent lifestyle with a bit of help along the way.  Our services reduce stress and confusion for the client and family, and result in better outcomes for the client’s health. 

We are an extra set of eyes and ears for family members who aren’t able to be around but worry about their older relatives being isolated and alone.

Some of our concierge services include:

  • accompany clients to medical visits
  • shopping for groceries, personal products, and gifts
  • assistance with laundry, including folding and putting away & beds
  • light housekeeping and plant care
  • organizing mail and paying bills 
  • assistance with correspondence
  • organizing appointments and events
  • filling out medical forms
  • baking and meal preparation
  • picking up and delivering prescriptions
  • arranging household repairs, landscaping and snow shoveling
  • assistance with computers, internet and cell phones

Contact Renaissance Lifestyles to help you with seniors transition and ongoing needs

Renaissance Lifestyles treats you as an individual and takes a customized approach that best matches your personality, lifestyle, timeline and goals. We are also committed to ensuring a stress-free experience for you and your family. Let us help you make your life easier so that going forward you spend less time managing your possessions and daily tasks and more time enjoying your life.

Helping seniors declutter, organize, downsize and transition to a new home