Some insights and tips from a Professional Organizer and Lifestyles Concierge in Calgary.

The Konmari Method for Organizing and Decluttering – Is it for Everyone?

What is the KonMari Method? It is a method created by Marie Kondo, a Japanese woman who has become famous for helping us tidying up and organizing your home that will reduce clutter and, she says, “spark joy” in your

Decluttering and organizing can be good for your mental health

What qualifies as clutter? Can reducing your clutter and having a more organized home help improve your mental health? Some people say there are two kinds of clutter – that which is associated with the past and that which is

Reinventing Yourself

Growing Together: Transformation from loved one to Caregiver

Stories For Caregivers – Published on Jan 13, 2019 Accompanied by narration that offers lessons and encouragement to new caregivers, a raccoon and eaglet form an unlikely bond as they both evolve through their caregiving journey. In this series, we

Emotional Stress

Emotional stress is a challenge faced by many family caregivers. As a caregiver, it is important to give yourself time to reset when starting to feel burnt out. When symptoms of stress start to feel overwhelming, it may be time

Caregivers and Connection

Nora is a retired librarian who was asked to take on the power of attorney for her friend and neighbour. Through her story we understand how important it is for all members of society to care for the people around